Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our baskets attach to your front handlebar with adjustable leather straps so the majority of our customers find they are able to make them work with all sorts of handlebar setups.

As you are reading the dimensions on the individual item listings, the first number is the length (distance from left to right as you’re looking at the basket on your handlebars), the second number is the width (distance from the handlebar or leather strap side of the basket to the logo side of the basket), and the last number is the height (basket rim/top to basket base). If you measure the clearance from the handlebars to the top of the tire, the height dimension of the basket will let you know if you will have enough clearance.

You can view photos of our baskets attached to bikes here, and you may also want to visit a store near you to see which style would work best on your bicycle.

Our natural fiber baskets should be stored to protect them from the elements in between rides. To clean any dirt or dust from the fibers, you can use a mild soap solution, taking care to avoid soaking the basket as it is woven from natural rattan fibers that will absorb water. Allow the basket to dry fully (in the sun if possible). As with all natural fibers like rattan, aging and antiquing over time is to be expected. Over time, you may opt to apply a light coat of boiled linseed oil to restore some of the fiber’s natural sheen.

You can place an order online, or use our Find A Store tool to purchase from one of our many authorized resellers across the country.

Stuff gets lost – we get it! We now sell extra leather strap replacement sets for our front handlebar baskets. Please note these are sold as a set and ship via US Mail so please make sure to enter your USPS mailing address when checking out.

Most of our baskets (Cisco, Tuckernuck, Cruiser, Madaket, etc.) are hand-woven in Indonesia from natural Indonesian rattan. We also have two collections that are made in China:

  • The Lightship Collection is hand-woven in China from rattan cane.
  • The Surfside wire baskets are made in China.

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