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In 1978, my grandfather bought my dad a one-way ticket to the Philippines and Asia and said, "Come home when you've learned something!" Fast forward thirty years and 100+ trips around the world, and my dad has learned a lot about Asia and the basket business.Together at a Tea Bar in China

Three years ago after graduating from business school, my dad bought me a one way ticket to China repeating the "family tradition" started by my grandfather. I lived in Xiamen, China, and attended Xiamen University studying Chinese language. During my time there, I traveled extensively throughout the country meeting with suppliers for our new company, Nantucket Bike Baskets.

Both my father and I have been very fortunate to have worked with many artisans from Africa, Vietnam, India the Philippines, Indonesia, Haiti, Mexico, China, Thailand and beyond. Having worked with the best-of-the-best, we have chosen the finest weavers to produce some of the most beautiful baskets in the world.

Having been in the basket business for over thirty years, my father was approached two years ago by a friend who owned a bike store in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Knowing my dad was in the basket business, the owner asked us if we could make some quality bicycle baskets for him. This seemed like an easy task, yet we wondered why he wasn't able to find quality bike baskets on the market currently. After then visiting countless bike stores across the country, we found many disgruntled bike shop owners who could only find low-quality bike baskets that would not hold up and wound up with unraveling rims after only a season of use.At the Great Wall

We have always looked at each and every basket as a work of art. Each basket you see in our catalog was designed by our NBBC team, and has been woven by a team of skilled craftsman to be beautiful, yet functional. There are many types of baskets and raw materials available around the globe. At Nantucket Bike Baskets, we have painstakingly chosen only the best for our collection- all of our raw materials used have been hand-selected for strength and durability.Rickshaw Reverse

We hope you and your customers enjoy their cycling experience even more with the addition of a Nantucket Bike Basket. As a second generation basket company, all of us at Nantucket Bike Baskets take great pride in our quality and workmanship. We hope you will also look at each Nantucket Bike Basket as a work of art.


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